This is the soundtrack to a dream.


This is a story with a beginning, middle, and end. About heroines. Villains. Bridges. Chases. Evil twins. Children. Drugs. Showdowns. And hamburgers.

But nobody really likes hearing other people explain their dreams.

So I made this instead.

Recommended if you like dreamy wordless acoustic folk, uncomfortable beats, epic instrumental post-rock, speedy pop punk, experimental noise, screamy hardcore, children’s choruses and untidy resolutions.


"The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge" is a love-letter to my creative influences. It’s an homage to concept albums from bands like Pink Floyd, Neutral Milk Hotel and Okkervil River. It’s also a nod to the otherworldly, genre-bending storytelling from creators like Stephen King and Christopher Nolan. And it’s a hug on the fearless creativity of noise artists like John Zorn and Boredoms. And kaiju.

It started on my couch in Shanghai, China in 2010. I woke up from a dream about falling through the San Francisco Bay Bridge. I immediately started recording music about what I imagined. Over the last several years I tinkered with it, crafting every song and performing just about every note myself. It wasn’t until I moved to Tokyo (where I live now) that it clicked in and I finally finished it. I made these images as a way to reconstruct what I dreamed about 8 years ago.

I’ve held on to this record for too long. I want to share it with you. 


“The Incident at Fallthrough Bridge” is proof to myself that you should follow your dreams. Even the bad ones.